HDevRunner Professional - Runs your vision script

Product no.: HS-1102
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HDevRunner is the perfect combination for MVTec HALCON to deploy your algorithms to customer machines - fast and easy. No more C++ or C# development needed. In addition, the Professional Edition runs your scripts on multiple images during development simultaneously, which allows for very fast feedback on the performance of your algorithms in different test cases.


HDevRunner Professional Edition includes:

  • Run HDevelop scripts directly
  • Run HDevelop external procedures directly
  • Run HDevelop library procedures directly
  • Easily switch between HALCON versions
  • Supports HDevEngine remote debugging
  • Free maintenance updates (HDevRunner 1.x)
  • License Center for HDevRunner (beta)
  • Procedure arguments on command line
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Watch mode
  • Check mode
  • Ideal for HALCON professionals during machine vision algorithms development.

For more details head over to our product website at http://www.hdevrunner.com/


How Licensing works

HDevRunner Standard Edition and HDevRunner Professional Edition are licensed for one HALCON dongle id which is bound to a USB dongle. Both editions may only be used with the USB dongle for which it was licensed. During purchase, you have to send us your HALCON dongle ID so we can generate the corresponding HDevRunner license for you. Please note that this HALCON dongle ID is only used to check the HDevRunner license and has absolutely no influence on HALCON itself.

How Ordering works

  1. Register user account at our B2B store http://www.hcv-store.com/
  2. We will check your registration as fast as possible and then unlock your full access to our shop.
  3. Purchase one of the product editions (see below for links to the product in the shop). Please provide us with your HALCON dongle ID during ordering. You can get the dongle ID from the HDevelop menu Help / About or via the License Center for HDevRunner which is available for free as part of the HDevRunner Demo Edition download.
  4. After your invoice is paid, we will send you a license key to unlock HDevRunner when running together with the correct HALCON dongle ID.
  5. You can now use HDevRunner on any machine as long as the correct HALCON dongle ID is connected and set-up.

High volumes

Please contact us for specific offers if you need to license high volumes of the product (5 or more).

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