Calibration Plate for HALCON (PDF)

Product no.: HS-1002
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Calibration Plates for MVTec HALCON as PDF file.

The supplied zip file contains PDF files for the following calibration plate description files:

  • calplate_5mm.cpd
  • calplate_10mm.cpd
  • calplate_20mm.cpd
  • calplate_20mm_dark_on_light.cpd
  • calplate_40mm.cpd
  • calplate_40mm_dark_on_light.cpd
  • calplate_80mm.cpd
  • calplate_80mm_dark_on_light.cpd
  • calplate_160mm.cpd
  • calplate_320mm.cpd
  • calplate_640mm.cpd
  • calplate_1200mm.cpd
  • custom-full-a3-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-a3.cpd
  • custom-full-a4-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-a4.cpd
  • custom-full-letter-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-letter.cpd
  • custom-full-tabloid-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-tabloid.cpd

Important notice: The PDF files must be printed with a high-quality printer. We recommend sticking the prints on a rigid, flat support, e.g. a glass plane. The printed PDF calibration plates are only suitable for test purposes. For high-precision applications, we recommend to purchase specially prepared calibration plates directly from a sales partner of MVTec.

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