Calibration Plate for HALCON (PDF) (Demo)

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Calibration Plates for MVTec HALCON 12.0 and 13.0 as PDF file

Demo version with restrictions. The PDF files are half hidden and only some of the finder patterns can be seen. The product may not be used for commercial purposes. Please purchase the full version Calibration Plates for HALCON (PDF) for company wide use.

The supplied zip file contains PDF files for the following calibration plate description files:

  • calplate_5mm.cpd
  • calplate_10mm.cpd
  • calplate_20mm.cpd
  • calplate_20mm_dark_on_light.cpd
  • calplate_40mm.cpd
  • calplate_40mm_dark_on_light.cpd
  • calplate_80mm.cpd
  • calplate_80mm_dark_on_light.cpd
  • calplate_160mm.cpd
  • calplate_320mm.cpd
  • calplate_640mm.cpd
  • calplate_1200mm.cpd
  • custom-full-a3-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-a3.cpd
  • custom-full-a4-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-a4.cpd
  • custom-full-letter-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-letter.cpd
  • custom-full-tabloid-dark-on-light.cpd
  • custom-full-tabloid.cpd

Important notice: The PDF files must be printed with a high-quality printer. We recommend sticking the prints on a rigid, flat support, e.g. a glass plane. The printed PDF calibration plates are only suitable for test purposes. For high-precision applications, we recommend to purchase specially prepared calibration plates directly from a sales partner of MVTec.

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